So you are looking to move beyond a simple connection with WVC and Jesus, and want to grow in relationship with Him and others. We offer several ways to move in this direction and are exploring more.

What is the next step?  To grow in relationship with Jesus and others.


Sunday School for adults - 9:30am

Adults meet in the "Blue Room" behind the sanctuary and study various topics.

Children's and Youth Sunday School have been discontinued.


Men's Group - Discontinued


Women's Group - discontinued

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Wednesday meeting - 6pm



Wednesday prayer

Part of the fellowship above.


By Grow, we mean that God wants us to grow in character, talent, and spiritual maturity in the context of our relationship with Him and with others through life in community. God accepts us as we are, but doesn’t intend to leave us there. We want to help each other grow into a fully equipped disciple of Jesus Christ.

How we Grow:  We grow primarily in the context of close community, which we practice intentionally in the form of small groups. In the intimacy of a small group, we learn to accept, support, and encourage one another. We learn how to live out our faith and hold each other accountable. We become inspired by others’ lives, and either challenged or encouraged by their stories. We form meaningful relationships founded on our common ground in Christ. We find great joy in learning from and applying God’s word. We work toward serving together as we reach out to others. We can also invite others to explore the loving relationships we enjoy.