So you are ready to go? Consider getting involved with one of these great local organizations...or going on one of our mission trips.

What is the next step? Go, make disciples...


Market street mission

“The Market Street Mission ministers to the homeless, helpless, and hopeless in Northern NJ by meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through a structured program which enables them to lead responsible, productive lives.”

Opportunities to serve include serving lunch and dinner, and helping with occasional Saturday "deep cleans." Contact us for more information about volunteering.


First Choice Women's Resource Center

At First Choice, our desire is to provide hassle-free, no-cost services in a convenient, confidential atmosphere. We provide specialized medical services including: pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STI testing & treatment, confidential counseling services & education. No woman leaves our centers without the help she needs to make an informed choice. Since we do not charge for our services, we do not profit from your decision.


More about Going.

By Go, we mean that God calls us to go out into the world equipped to serve, share, and invest. We do not exist for ourselves alone. We want to make this a better world for everyone and we accomplish this through missions and evangelism. We are called to go out into the world equipped to serve, share and invest in the lives of our community - near and far.

•How We Go:  We may go on missions local or abroad. We may go by doing intentional evangelism right where we live. We can "go" impact people and communities by meeting obvious and tangible needs. We can "go" impact lives of non-Christian friends and neighbors by inviting them to dinner, events or church. As we go, intentional interactions can demonstrate the love of Christ, and intentional conversations can “tell” why we do what we do, so that others may "see our good deeds and praise our Father in Heaven." That is, what we do opens the door to what we say, and what we say invites them into a relationship with Jesus.